The long summer evenings always bring back fond memories of my teens ... not for me picnic hampers and swinging on rubber tires from an old oak tree overhanging the creek ... no no ... far too sedate for a budding slut like yours truly. Summer to me was always about hanging around by the creek with some guy spewing his load down my throat as I diddled my clit and came off in my own soaked panties. More than that it was about the thrill of first times ... the first young eager pricks in my mouth, the first massive cock reaming out my cunt and the first anxious rammings up my asshole. I always used to wet my knickers as soon as a healthy prospective looking schlong would hove into view and just couldn't help salivating when I got that wonderful pissy cock juice aroma in my nostrils ... I was just born to filled with erect dicks I guess ... it is an addiction that has served me well. Now, one of the things that has led me to all this reminiscing this week has been the unexpected arrival last Wednesday of a very dear old friend, well in fact two, Jamie (the first and main girl in my High School Senior year) and her live in lover and very enjoyable friend Rebecca (known to all as CL or cuntlicker). I have to admit that as the years have passed and my travels have taken me away from li' ole Racine Wisconsin ... we have kinda lost touch ... well not exactly ... but sometimes life just takes one in different directions. For Jamie, life has taken its twists and turns (two failed marriages and a realization that she needed a live in woman more than a live in man) and for Rebecca also (short stint as a belly dancer, topless dancer, pole dancer ... then wound up operating a dog track ... go figure!) Anyway to cut a long orgy short, my erstwhile High school companions decided that they would look me up ... telephoned my Mom ...moved away ... telephoned Dad Moved closer to Heaven ... telephoned Hud's ex employer ... "The bastard's got a porn slut for a wife and they've gone to California!" After much more searching ... they discovered our old address in Colorado and hence our new one in Napa ... they must have just about creamed themselves when they found out I'd changed my name to "Dirty" Dorothy Sadler. Although I've always been dirty ... I never used the prefix ... perhaps in hindsight I should have. I always remember, one August, Jamie and I snuck into Miss Pellpot's (our childhood Sunday school teacher) back yard which was like a beautiful English country garden and jerked ourselves off naked on the lawn with one of my Mom's vibrators as a dare. Rebecca, Trish and Jennifer watched over the fence clutching dollar bills, whistling and hooting with laughter and ill-suppressed lust as I ate out Jamie's steaming wet minge and fucked myself to countless orgasms with Mom's red plastic thriftstore vibe. We won the bet, but were chased off the lawn by Miss Pellpot's golden retriever as she gawped in amazement at our antics through the kitchen window yelling ... "You DIRTY nasty little girls!!! Jamie and Rebecca were made for each other it seems, always egging each other and our circle to do increasingly outlandish things. I was cajoled into fucking one of my boyfriend's on a bench outside a local strip mall during a weekday lunch hour. After his cock went soft and he pulled out I just let the warm river of spunk just pour out on to the bench's wooden slats for future generations to discover. Rebecca licked out my cunt and ass as I lay across the hood of her Dad's car ... Jamie sucked off two guys in her Mom's bed while I kept her Mom talking in the family room downstairs ... Hud fucked Jamie, Rebecca and Trish and then coated their faces with cum while I fucked Trish's Dad in the next room ... he never knew a thing until he called Trish a whore and she told him that he never knew what a whore she really was. So given our teen excursions into sexuality it didn't surprise me one little bit that Jamie and Rebecca had become cuntlickers united and that I should go on to be a website raconteur and cumslut to the masses.

Visions of Miss Pellpot and her golden retriever getting it on filled my warped little mind as I waited expectantly for Jamie and Rebecca to arrive ... I always wonder what she got up to with that dog! I remember Jamie as being a thin sylphlike little thing and Rebecca much the same, however when the doorbell rang and I answered the door, I got the shock of my life ... two very tall, busty brunettes with legs to die for stood waiting with big eyes ... looking at sylphlike me ... apparently I was still the one with the girl like physique ... these stunners had filled out. HUD nearly fucking squirted an elephant load of spunk on the living room floor when he saw the size of these old flame's tits ... "You never had knockers that big when I fucked you!" He exclaimed with a somewhat hurt sound to his voice. "We didn't have them when we were seventeen, HUD!" They both answered in unison. I just knew HUD was going to be fucking their pretty brains out the minute he got the chance. "Dot says you've got a cock like a horse ... funny you never had that when we fucked you!" Jamie joked and reached out to squeeze his crutch. Well that was it ... they told me they had come to visit for the chance to see me and get well and truly laid by some handsome cocks ... HUD's was obviously going to be the first. Jamie hauled out HUD's rig in seconds flat with a knowing wink to me and had that sucker in her mouth dripping juice before I had the chance to protest ( not that I would have being the cuntish whore I am). There was really only one thing that I could do at that moment, I reached across to Rebecca put my hand on her thigh and gave her the biggest sloppiest tongue drooling French kiss I could muster. I just couldn't wait to get my dainty little hands around her juicy mammoth tits and suck on her fat nipples. She in turn responded like a crazed whore, pulling me on to her lap and slipping her fingers inside my damp thong and straight up into my wet squidgy twathole. Hubby meanwhile was busy having his tool saliva washed by Jamie as she tore off her blouse and skirt to reveal no bra no panties a massive amount of dark brown cunthair and pierced nipples. Now my husband never ceases to amaze me ... sometimes he'll fuck for hours and cum a teaspoonful of watery sperm and other times I'll suck him off for two minutes and he'll cover me from head to foot in thick porridgy spunk. I think the sight of Jamie's gorgeous cunt and stiff nippled tits just pushed him right over the edge, not to mention his wife being finger fucked by another equally gorgeous slut. He just pulled back, shook for a second, squeezed his eyes tightly shut and then let loose. A fucking incredible load of cock snot hit Jamie right on the nose pouring down on to her lips and smothering her protruding tongue. Even though I was almost cumming myself as Rebecca pinched my hard nubbin clit and sucked my tender titties, I just gazed with awe and the quantity of heavy white cream issuing from Hubby's pisshole. It kept coming too ... streaking across Jamie's surprised forehead into her tied back hair ... slathering her cheeks and chin before finally drizzling down on to the hillocks of her perfect boobs. Then she had him back in her mouth again, licking off the dregs and getting HUD tip top hard so he could fuck her ass off. She sucked up every fucking nasty little drop of my husband's spunk, scooping the pearly slime from her face with long manicured fingernails. By the time she'd finished enjoying her quick cum snack I was cumming all over the place, bouncing from Rebecca's talented tongue as I devoured her shaven floppy quim in turn. She had my asshole speared with her thumb as we writhed about on the sofa ... sucking and eating one another's clits like sadly temporarily disengaged dyke lovers. Her cunt juice tasted divine ... like a pussy version of that famous ice cream with the funny Scandinavian name that slips down your throat like fresh creamy nectar. I had forgotten what a pleasure it really was to suck on Rebecca's creamy hole and the years had done a whole lot of work making that flavor more mature and even more fucking sensually nasty.

I don't think that Hubby actually ever went soft because within a couple of minutes his rearing todger was deeply embedded up Jamie's cunt for old time's sake. Becca and I were lost in sixty nine Heaven while Jamie got the humping of her life from a guy who had just spilled his body weight in spunk all over her face. What happened next was kind of a blur ... somehow my tongue ended up lubricating Jamie's ass fuckhole and then Hubby started plowing her rectum while I slid underneath for some hairy cuntmunching. Hairy twats always seem to make me sneeze when the pubes tickle my nose, but Jamie's pubic thatch was so soft and downy it simply caressed my face without irritation. Her thick brown wet curls spread invitingly apart to reveal a slick pink interior that I had licked all those years ago in Miss Pellpot's beautifully manicured back yard ... now the only garden that was being cultivated was Jamie's tight little asshole and her floppy minge lips hanging into my mouth. I really got off watching HUD's gnarled weapon making Jamie's noxious asshole weep into my face ... the sickly sweet aroma of her freshly fucked cunt filled my mouth and the shit stirring above filled my nostrils. HUD's balls hung in my eyes and Jamie's vagina smothered my mouth and I knew where Becca was because Jamie wasn't moaning through a mouthful of twat and I could feel a velvety tongue exploring my love tube ... Rebecca's tongue! After half an hour of solid gut wrenching fucking and countless orgasms flooding my throat, Becca and Jamie swapped over so that Hubby could thrust up her asshole four or five times before drenching me in his second load. Like some fucking harlot from an eyecum site I was temporarily blinded not expecting the big fucker to have another fat load swimming in his bollocks. He drained himself into my face as I howled with pain (from the stinging eyes) and pleasure (From Jamie's tongue bringing me off for the first time in years). Despite my assaulted vision all I could think of was how fucking good it felt to back with old buddies from home and sadness that despite our lust for each other we had drifted apart over the years. While Jamie attended to my swollen eyelids with iced water, HUD drained what little cum he had left in his balls by wanking off like a fucking crazy guy directly into Becca's eager mouth. After that little interlude we all lay there in a big heap waiting to regain some energy before anyone uttered a word. As these things go none of us had so much as a chance to properly exhale before Roger (one of our housemates) came barging into the living room with his bloated pecker out, shouting, "Hey Dottie, fancy a quick fuck before lunch?" The looks on the faces of our guests were hard to describe ... a mixture of surprise, shock, envy, incredulity and slight embarrassment to be caught post fuck all rolled into one. Jamie being the fucking game for a laugh she is didn't even wait to be introduced but simply replied, "I think Dot's a little bit shagged out at the moment and she's got cum in her eyes ... how about fucking me now you've got that big thing out and angry?" Roger almost fucking died on the spot, but to his credit he kept his pecker in hand and I didn't even notice it wilt one bit. Jamie helped out by draping her nasty sweaty tits all over Roger's face and let him get his fingers inside her well fucked split bush. This time however, Becca got her lips around the available prick first and slurped down Roger's purple crown before Jamie could get down on her knees quick enough. The look on Roger's face in turn was a picture worth a thousand words ... he had expected a good hard shafting with yours truly and maybe a threesome with Hubby sucking on his ever rampant cock ... what he'd ended up with was two big titted brunette's drooling over his equipment while the original objects of his lust just sat and watched ... me through swollen eyes and HUD through the dazed look of someone who has unexpectedly anally assaulted two fucking dirty vixens he hasn't seen for years.

Watching Roger's stout root being sucked to death by Becca had already made Hubby's prick iron hard again so he pulled me on to his lap and impaled my already dripping ass. I watched Becca, Jamie and Roger with awe as I clawed at my own cuntlips and clit while HUD gently reamed out my shit chute as lovingly as any man I've ever known. I think he sensed my overwhelming happiness at being reunited with my teen partners in crime. Seeing them being fucked first by Hubby and then by Roger was just more than I could take and as Roger sank in his eight inch length up to the balls in Jamie's gaping slit I came like a fucking whirling dervish spraying piss out of my cunt all over Hubby's thighs. Jamie crawled over on all fours dragging Roger bell end first behind her until she could happily lap at my soaked slot. Becca fed her massive tits into Roger's greedy gob and fingered her own cunt like a woman possessed. I just wanted more spunk on my face and in my mouth, despite having eyes that looked like I had been fifteen rounds with Mike Tyson. I just wanted Hubby and Roger's cocks spurting their loads over and over down my greedy fucking gullet until I couldn't swallow any more. Roger knew I wanted his prick (as I do on a daily basis) and was such a gentleman that after thrusting his bollocks off up Jamie's ass he stepped lightly towards me and let me do the honors. I got in three or four sucks of his pissy cock head before he let go and filled my mouth with several jets of mind blowingly hot cream. I held it in my mouth as he carried on unloading and then held up Jamie's face so I could snowball it into her throat. A vast stream poured into her mouth and then I had Becca in front of me eager for her share. Us three girls ended up lip sucking cum one to another while I still rode up and down on Hubby's stiff prick. Roger let HUD suck off the dregs of cum from his still hard schlong while I focused my attention on my two old girlfriends. Put a cock in HUD's mouth and he will come in almost record time ... something about having a hot piece of cock meat down his throat seems to just open the floodgates of his balls. No sooner had he started sucking on Roger's throbbing manhood than he was cumming, spraying the interior walls of my fucked up asshole with a deluge of thick spunk. A creamy river poured out from around his shaft on to Becca's eagerly awaiting tongue as I squelched up and down on his massively swollen cock. Becca lapped all around my no longer puckered orifice, cleaning off the pearl drops until I shifted off HUD's prick and let the full stream wash into her mouth. Still hungry for that delicious cum ass cocktail she speared my rectum with the point of her tongue and sucked out the remainder, occasionally swapping the frothy slop with Jamie in a French kiss. I was so fucking turned on by having my ass eaten out I pissed myself again, soaking Becca's beautiful brown locks with a hot jet of clear urine which she lapped up along with the rich bubbles of cum. Meantime, Hubby is sucking on Roger's knob like a fucking lollipop, squeezing the guy's balls and fingering his asshole like a twopenny street whore ... Becca and Jamie lay back covered in cum piss and spit to take in the show while they finger each other's pussies softly and delicately. All I can think of is more and more cock so I devour Hubby's very sensitive shaft while he squirms about in front of me. Jamie is howling for Roger to cum off all over HUD's face and Becca has her mouth crammed so full of Jamie's tits that she can barely holler for anything. I suck on Hubby like a fucking high speed vacuum cleaner until I know that he can't take anymore and am amply rewarded with a tongue covering of his last dregs ... a thin watery cum juice like heavy precum. Just as I'm about to collapse with the jaw breaking exertion of it all, Roger simply tenses, grabs HUD's head hard and plasters his buddy's face with three streaks of gelatinous cum. All that I can see his Hubby lapping the spunk, my long lost girlfriend's fingerfucking each other and my Mom standing in the doorway harpooning herself with a greasy black rubber dildo.