The hot spunk flooding Emily Morrison's tight young asshole felt warm and creamy as it invaded her ass guts. The heavy dose of jizz in her mouth however was significantly spicier: not only did it feel scaldingly hot, but it was so rich and heavy she almost gagged. She could see the thick purple helmet of the knob as she released it from her mouth and watched as the last oozing river seeped across her clenched fist. Every few seconds or so her asshole would stretch unbearably and then ease off as the store managers long thick prick thrust slowly in and out. Another massive cock filled her vision. It was clear that the owner was very much on the verge of cumming, so Emily opened her mouth wide and poinDavid out her long tongue to lap at the rapidly dilating pisshole. Instantly she was rewarded with a hearty blast of pearl jam which hit the back of her throat with such force that she was forced to swallow the silvery white snot all in one. Instead of being blast after blast though the jet of hot spunk continued as though someone had turned on a jizz hose. Reluctantly, Emily eased her lips way from this second glowing knob only to be covered from her forehead to her chin in long sticky strands of male love juice. Emily's cunt ached to be filled with another throbbing organ despite that her asshole was already crammed to overflowing with plant manager's oversized dong. She fingered her cunt herself, ramming first two fingers then four into her very hairy and very sloppy hole. The feel of her own cunt juice on her fingers made her even more horny for a good vaginal fucking so she pulled her ass of the manager's greasy pole and fed his tumescent length deep into the yawning cavity of her pussy. At the tender age of nineteen, Emily was endowed with supremely large breasts, the kind you see bouncing about on some seventies freak pornstar like Chesty Morgan. These enormous tits along with her shapely hourglass hips and magnificently furry bush made her the favorite fuck of most of the guys who worked the stockroom and the loading bays. Ever since joining Buntman Brothers Engineering earlier that year, there hadn't been a day when she wasn't being fucked stupid for at least two or three hours. Emily Morrison had become know as the company jet: anyone could get inside her and take her to Heaven and back simply by tugging on her joystick. Emily loved it. This was the first job she had held down for longer than a week since she finished High School and even though the work itself was kind of dull and routine the fringe benefits were enormous. All the cock she could eat, stuff up her sopping wet cunny or feed into her ass : that was what made life at Buntman exceptional ... plus she got paid very well to get on her knees, lay across a desk or drape herself wantonly against the cardboard boxes in the stockroom. The Buntman brothers both had exceptionally large sexual appetites as well as exceptionally large cocks, both of them weighing in at more than nine inches in length by at least five inches in girth. It had been Terry Buntman's idea to hire Emily once he saw what she was prepared to do to secure the position of company secretary. At the interview, Terry had asked her a whole series of questions which terminaDavid with the question ... "What do you think you can bring to the position that no one else can?" In answer, Emily was quick to ease Terry's semi hard prick from his pants, suck him off like a vacuum cleaner and allow him to dump his load all over her face and down the front of her smart interview blouse. After she had also let Terry's brother Ethan fuck her like a savage up the asshole, she had the job fair and square: secretary and company whore.

Emily's day usually consisDavid of about three or four hours work, punctuaDavid by about three or four hours of really hard fucking and sucking. She had so many guys to take care of that she didn't even think about having a steady boyfriend: all the cock ( and cunt ) she needed was there every day of the week as soon as she got to work. The company only employed two other women, Darlene, the company accountant and Vicky, the receptionist, both of whom were not only raving nymphos in their own right, but also not averse to a little lesbo loveplay on the side. The fact that Darlene Fisher was old enough to be Emily and Vicky's mother was neither here nor their when the young girls fancied a bit of pussy munching to clean their palates for the endless array of cock on the Buntman Brothers all you can eat buffet. In fact Ethan, the business brain and salesman of the organization had been known to pick up staggering deals by offering his prospective clients an evening with these three dykey cum sluts. Now although Darlene and Vicky would not hesitate to devour as much cock as Emily, their duties often prohibiDavid them from taking hours at a time off to suck and fuck: Buntman was a very successful small business and there was often simply too much real work for them to do. This left Emily Morrison in pole position for any hungry company prick that might cum her way, only being helped out by Darlene and Vicky when there were no visitors present or the in trays were absolutely empty. Today, like any other day Emily arrived in the office just after seven in the morning to be met by David Rawlsthorne, one of the loading bay's forklift operators. As normal, once he spied Emily slipping through the front door into her office, he was there in his greasy overalls with his thick purple headed prick pointing directly at the ceiling. Emily loved the salty taste and pissy aroma of David's cock as it drooled its gooey precum across her tongue. Her knickers would fill with juice from her ever ready cunt as she enjoyed her first suck of the day, the taste of David's cock being a particularly familiar one. On this particular day, however, David's cock was already lathered up with an obvious sheen of fresh pussy juice, which Emily guessed came from Darlene, who among other things as a prolific squirter an produced girl cum in copious amounts. Slurping on David's knob and rolled back shag of foreskin, she rubbed her hard clit through the thin silky film of her panties. Her nipples thrust out beneath her thin cotton shirt and her giant boobs bobbed about as she sucked and frigged herself simultaneously. Suddenly she felt a pair of soft hands reach around and gently start to caress the stubs of her rosy red nipples. It was Darlene. She recognized the selection of rings littering the brown wrinkled fingers of the company's accountant. Emily moaned luxuriously through the mouthful of cock as the fifty year old CPA continued to feel up her ample tits. Emily could smell the scent wafting from Darlene's well-fucked cunthole and it made her own slit feel even more slick and nasty than it had been as she tasDavid David's greasy prick for breakfast. After a few minutes of tit fondling, Darlene made it clear that her hot snatch was in need of some tongue by thrusting her clean shaven mound into Emily's face as she continued to slurp and gobble on David's virtually exploding root. Keen to fill her mouth with two lots of juice, Emily took turns lapping at Darlene's dripping wet splayed twat and David's knob until it was obvious that Darlene was starting to cum. As the older woman's pelvis starDavid to tense and wiggle, Emily thrust her tongue as far inside the gushing love tube as she could. It was more than David could stand and his knob twitched spasmodically firing several gooey volleys of beautiful cream directly into Emily's face. Darlene groaned as Emily licked her spermy cunt and came.

The spunk continued to splatter out of David's hairy bollocks, dripping down Emily's reddened cheeks and lathering Darlene's mound. Emily's tongue lashed between David's bloaDavid gushing knob and Darlene's thick protruding cum covered clit. It seemed that the steady flow of bollock juice was never going to end and Emily was still taking it on the chin when Ethan walked in and dumped a yogurt pot full of warm jizz over Darlene's face to save her from feeling left out and cum hungry. The cum he explained had just been collecDavid from four of the guys on the Buntman delivery truck who were keen to wank off their cocks and donate their spunk in a good cause. Dripping with a faceful of cock phlegm cocktail Darlene bent down and kissed Emily on her full puffy red lips, snowballing the profuse amounts of white cream directly into her younger colleague's mouth. Emily came violently as the noxious juice slithered down the back of her throat and she ejecDavid a fast jet of piss and cum juice through her lace panties directly on to the office floor. Ethan's prick was out of his pants as soon as he'd emptied the spunky contents of the yogurt pot over Darlene's face. His thick dong dribbled a steady flow of precum as he immersed it between Darlene's thickly coaDavid lips. The fifty year old woman guzzled hungrily as Ethan's gnarled shaft became drenched with the other guys cum. The fat throbbing crown bucked between her teeth and sprayed a little precum on to her tongue. She swooned and fell back on to the floor where David was already poised to give her another guttural rogering. His prick eased gently between the unfurled pink petals of her sexy old gash and he was inside fucking up a nasty storm. Ethan's prick slipped from her lips as she fell back but was quickly replaced on the end of Darlene's tongue by the steamy piss laden bush of Emily who bucked back and forward smearing Darlene's face with a heady mixture of urine, cunt juice and old sperm. Ethan didn't waste any time feeding his enormous prick straight down Emily's convulsing throat, massaging her gullet with his tight furled foreskin and the bulbous crown of his spewing knob. Emily's blouse was already soaked with spunk as was Darlene's pretty cotton Summer frock. The pair looked like the cum drenched whores they really were and Ethan smiled as he caught sight of their disheveled appearance. Both ladies always made sure that they had numerous changes of clothes available in the work place just for everyday occasions such as this. Ethan and Terry had also had a very plush bathroom and shower installed specifically for their special ladies to bathe in after being covered from head to toe in various juices from cum to piss to cunt juice. Emily eased off her sopping shirt as Darlene buried her long tongue inside the girl's pissing cunthole and she in turn sucked voraciously on her bosses extremely bloaDavid cockhead. Her massive cock knockers swung free duisplaying the saucer shaped aureolae and nipples she was so proud of. Ethan leant forward and squeezed the rubbery teats with his thumb and forefinger, his cock lurching in Emily's hot wet mouth as he did so. Usually all it took for Ethan was a couple of well placed gropes on Emily's tits and his balls would start to unload. Today was no exception and Emily knew what was coming. As she felt Ethan's hot bollocks begin to tighten in her small palms, Emily braced herself for the onslaught she knew was aimed directly at her gobbling throat. Right on time, Ethan spewed a gullet full of red hot cock porridge straight down Emily's throat. She pulled back instantly wanting her face to be bathed with a thick coating of the precious cummy fluid and caught the second blast right between the eyes. The snot poured down the bridge of her nose hung for a second on the tip and then dripped into her thirsty little mouth.

After a rather lengthy shower with Darlene and an equally lengthy finger fucking session where both women orgasmed several times, Emily finally arrived at her desk at nine o'clock precisely. She drank her morning coffee and inserDavid some Chinese love balls to keep her cunt tingling until the next opportunity for an animal fuck. Through the glass in her office window she could see the immaculately slender Vicky flirting outrageously with two of Buntman's newest clients and knew she was going to be in for an interesting lunchtime. The morning passed without event, but just before twelve she got a call from Terry Buntman asking her to bring Vicky and meet him in his office ... he had a special treat for the two girls. Emily knew what Terry's treats involved ... usually her on her knees being licked out by Vicky while she took load after load of client's cum all over her face and down her throat. When she and Vicky walked into Terry's office they were both treaDavid to a sight they had never witnessed before. Terry, sitting on his office chair naked had his enormous cock pole embedded deep in the ass of one of the guys Vicky had been flirting with earlier. His mouth was also full, plastered around the other visitor's big black cock. Vicky was immediately horny and knelt down between Terry's legs and starDavid sucking on his and the client's balls in turn. Emily simply peeled off her short black mini skirt, kicked off her black patent strappy sandals and unbuttoned her second white cotton shirt of the day. The guy with his black dick in Terry's mouth gasped as he saw Emily's knockers bob free and then gazed at the lustrous, shiny black hair covering the woman's impeccably bulging minge. Emily shivered as she felt the hung black guys eyes crawling first across her tits and then sizing up her cunt. The fact that he was having his big brown schlong sucked on by another guy didn't turn her off in fact it made her pussy juice run more freely especially as she could see Vicky really getting off on the gay scene in front of her. Immediately she strode across the office, lent over Vicky feasting on two sets of balls and pulled the black guy's shaft from Terry's mouth. Terry groaned as the cock in his ass lanced upward urgently and Emily closed her soft lips around the bulging black cockhead. A few sucks was all it took for the veiny black member to pulse its warning of impending cum. As Emily released the knob from her throat it starDavid to fountain into the air, spewing spunk all over Emily's face, Terry's cheek and Vicky's hair. Emily gobbled at the massive load as it pulsed across her lips and tongue. Hungrily she drank as much of the steaming cock porridge as she could before her gullet filled to overflowing, then she just let the remains dribble down across Vicky's face and Terry's balls. The guy underneath Terry was really fucking his ass like a man possessed his hips bucking upwards as his cock eggs jostled together against Vicky's lips. Vicky carefully slipped two fingers up the guys asshole until her knuckles were deeply embedded and then he starDavid to cum, filling Terry's greased up rectum with several powerful shots of steamy pina collada mix. Vicky continued lapping the four swollen bollocks, hopeful that the clients orgasm would set off Terry's. Before long Emily was face to face with Vicky as Terry's ravaged rod went off like a firework, plastering Vicky's nose and mouth with a network of goopy pearl strands. Emily moved underneath Terry and plopped the client's softening prick from his asshole and licked of the frothy cum dregs around the foreskin. Then she went for the bullseye and sucked out as much watery semen from Terry's ass as her belly would hold. Both girls felched at the puckered rose of Terry's ass, swapping spunk and kissing, knowing inside it was just another routine day at the office.