Dorothy stood on the balcony sipping a vodka martini; toying with the large green olive as it floated in the oily slick clear liquid. It was night and the lights on the horizon flickered at her in a morse code of sparkles. High above Cum City she could look down and imagine what events were being played out behind each shuttered window, each closed door. There are probably a million juiced up cunts being fucked by a million rigid cocks right at this very moment, she pondered. Her own naked slit was already wet as she rubbed her stiff clit idly and gazed out across the Metropolis she had fought so hard to build. In an adjacent building she could see a well lit penthouse. A busty blonde was eagerly divesting herself of a tiny cocktail dress. The woman's massive tits bounced free as she threw away her bra and knelt down on the floor of the apartment. From nowhere a guy with a large throbbing erection and heavy swollen balls appeared and she sucked him in from tip to root, deep throating him as she fondled the nub of hard flesh between her own legs. Dorothy shivered with a small orgasm as she watched this pair of night birds, avidly watching each suck and every wobble of the blonde's vast bosom. Within a few minutes, the well hung guy discharged a stream of thick white cream all over the woman's face, some landing on her tongue and cheeks, the rest dribbling down between her giant cleavage. Dorothy shuddered this time as a tremendous cum poured through her open cuntlips and her juice dripped down on to the balcony's marble floor. Dorothy continued watching as another guy joined the pair, this time fucking the blonde hard on the bed. She was no natural Marilyn, her cunt bush a thick lustrous raven, sprawling up in a neatly shaven vee towards her belly. Dorothy sighed and turned away.

Stepping back into the light of her office, Dorothy clicked her heels together with frustration. "If only I had such huge tits and such a hairy, bushy cunt," She whispered to herself, "I would have everything!" Being blessed with only a modest bosom and a sparsely haired twat had never really bothered Dorothy before this moment, but seeing the blonde woman had sparked a kind of yearning; a yearning for something missing but hard to identify ... voluptuousness. Dorothy flopped down on the long leather chaise in front of her desk and flicked the intercom button to the butler's quarters. "Baxter, I need you to come up to the study," She commanded softly. "Certainly, Maam," The quietly spoken butler replied, "I shall be with you immediately." Thirty seconds later the tall wiry figure of Baxter appeared in the room, bespectacled and dressed sharply as a penguin, in black tails, white starched collar and pristine cotton gloves. "You called, Ma'am?" Baxter questioned gently. "Yes, Baxter," She replied, surveying the tall slim frame of her butler and reflecting on how such lithe individuals almost invariably had enormous pricks between their thighs. "I need your cock in my mouth and then I need a throatful of your delicious thick cum!" "Certainly, Ma'am," Baxter nodded, carefully unzipping himself and releasing his large cock which although only semi hard was at least ten inches long. He positioned himself in front of the chaise and allowed his Mistress to engulf the swollen knob between her lips. Dorothy sucked lazily at first, feeling the long thick organ pulse and harden against her tongue. Then her action gained pace as she tasted the first salty dribbles of precum spread across her gums. Baxter stood perfectly still, composed, almost a soldier at attention. Suddenly he let forth an unexpected and strangled cry as he started to spew mammoth jets of spunk straight down Doriothy's throat. After the first mouthful she pulled away in awe allowing the final copious floods of hot sperm to spray and splatter across the bridge of her nose and chin.

Dorothy swallowed the slime as though it were a freshwater oyster, briney and fresh from a coldwater stream. The flavor was musky and kind of sour, however she relished it's heavy creamy texture as it slid to the back of her gullet. Despite having erupted more than a cup full of spunk, Baxter was still raging hard, the head of his prick flared purple and pointing swollenly at the ceiling. "Now you can stop behaving like a fucking subservient little prick and fuck that huge prick up my ass!" Dorothy squealed, the spunk descending towards her belly making her more trenchant in her desire to be transformed. The buds of her nipples hardened dramatically as Baxter removed his penguin suit and for the first time that evening she marvelled at the grapefruit size of his swaying, smoothly shaved bollocks. "Lay down!" She hollered, planting herself on top of her prostrate manservant and feeding his turgid pole up inside her until she sat skewered through the asshole and into her guts. Baxter rammed violently upwards, forcing his pubic bone to spread Dorothy's cleft ass and simultaneously making her hungry wet twat gape obscenely apart dribbling juice on to the finely rendered leather surface of the chaise. "Fuck me hard, you fucking cunt!" Dorothy commanded, feeling her chest begin to swell. "Fuck my fucking asshole harder!" Her normally flat chest started to bulge oputwards, her nipples like thick rubbery pencil erasers and a firey burning sensation was prickling all around her cunt. ""God! That's so fucking good!" She crooned, gliding up and down on Baxter's cream covered knob. The itching between her legs however was becoming intolerable and she rubbed and scratched frantically at her clit and mound to soothe herself.

Baxter pumped at Dorothy until she sweated freely and flung away her remaining clothes. As her manservant hosed the inside of her buttery ass with his second load, Dorothy suddenly caught sight of herself in the high gloss surface of her Japanese lacquered writing desk. "Fuck!" She cried, clawing at her own chest. "They are fucking here and they are fucking huge!" Her breasts had grown out of all proportion to her slim frame, inflated out llike helium filled ballons until they hung almost to her navel. They must be 50 or 60 inches, she speculated, kneading their blue veined surface and pinching the thick delicious nipples. Then she noticed the dark shadow spreading up from between her legs. Anxoiusly she wrested herself free of Baxter's spunk slicked organ and spread her legs wide apart, peering from between her newly attained cleavage at the thick dense black bush now nestled around her puffy cunt lips. Like a lush rug the soft raven pubes spread across the top of her thigfhs and rose shaggily up towards her belly. She was hirsute beyond all reason; a thick shag of carpet now lay between her honeyed holes and any prospective lover. A long way in the distance, the thin reedy sound of children's voices poured in through the open balcony door. Christmas carols sung with cheer. Dorothy admired herself and her new attributes, stroking and tweaking and teasing herself as streams of fresh spunk poured from her ass. Be careful what you wish for this Christmas, she thought: it might just come true. Turning towards the large glas balcony doors she breathed heavily fogging the glass and with one spunk covered finger wrote: Thank you,Santa. Please cum again soon!