Faun Tepling stared back through the diminishing rays of the early evening sun at her grandmother's face. The dappled light shone on the woman's pigtails and the elfin youthful features, sparkling on her erect nipples and the smooth mound of her cunt. The town square seemed to be illuminated almost entirely by the twice life size bronze statue, now almost thirty years old. Faun wondered about her grandmother ... what she must have been like ... why she had such an insatiable desire to drink from mens' balls all day every day. Faun wondered about the amazing stories she had heard about her grandmother ... the endless anal orgies ... the cum drinking competitions ... the bukkake sessions in her earlier years ... the fact that she never took no for an answer. There simply was no such thing as too much sex to Dorothy Sadler ... never too many cocks or cunts for her to handle ... and when the cum ran dry she'd drink piss until the guys were good and hard and ready to deluge her throat again. These were the lurid tales Faun had heard many times about her infamous and reputedly nymphomaniacal grandmother, Dorothy. The rest of the family had shunned the young woman when she had revealed her love for cum and all things sexual : so all Faun had were stories and the knowledge that somehow, somewhere, someday she would meet the woman who had become a legend in her own mind. The plinth on the large nude bronze statue had read : "For serving her people well" , which made Faun wonder also. Not many people had statues erected in their honor while still breathing a the oblique reference to service seemed to sum up only part of the story. What had she done? Was her grandmother a saint? Some kind of local benefactor? She knew that she would soon find out. Taking the main road out of the square, Faun was soon standing outside an imposing three story Victorian building, built from what appeared to be slabs and brick of pure emerald glass. The front door was equally monumental in size : a ten foot high shiny bright steel door randomly scattered with rivets with a huge lion's head door knocker and a bail of straw placed casually to one side. Leading up to the door were steps of bright yellow brick. Faun couldn't think why as she mounted the steps toward her destiny, but these apparently random selection of materials and decoration somehow made sense. Straw, yellow brick, riveted metal, emerald glass and a lions head : what did they all mean? Faun held her heart in her mouth for a few seconds and rapped loudly on the door with the lion's head. A booming voice issued forth from behind the door as it swung open : "Come in, My Dear and make yourself at home in the parlor!" Faun trembled at the unfamiliar tone of the voice and the distinct lack of any human presence inside the building. However, once inside the huge entrance hall, Faun was assaulted with thousands of images hanging from the bright green walls : a veritable art gallery consisting of paintings, photographs and sketches of her grandmother as a young woman. All of the images showed a bright attractive woman in her twenties being fucked, orally penetrated and generally used as a toilet for spunk piss and cunt juice. The explicit nature of the images sent shivers up and down Faun's beautifully curved spine and moistened the girl's own twat lips just a little. Faun felt her clit harden as she spied one photograph of her grandmother literally swimming in a sea of spunk wielding a massive black dildo that seemed to sprout endlessly from her shaven quim. The look on Dorothy Sadler's face was a mixture of pure insatiable lust and intense passion : a passion that Faun Tepling secretly longed for in her own young life.

Somewhere in the near distance Faun could hear some muffled sounds : a high pitched wailing mixed with a series of rhythmic grunts and groans. Turning on her heel in the long corridor she came face to face with a heavy oak door that was surprisingly smaller than all the others adjacent to it ... a little more than three feet high and only two feet wide ... in copperplate on a brass plaque were inscribed the words : "Enter the parlor and drink your fill". Kneeling down on the cold marble floor, Faun opened the door and suddenly was fully aware of what the strange unidentifiable sounds were. She squeezed through the small opening to find a warm cozy room containing a huge brass bedstead on which were sprawled two hugely fat women with massive saggy tits and two very thin men with massive hard penises jutting from their groins. The cocks were literally spewing out a thick river of pearly white cum all over the faces of the two huge girls. The girls in turn were drinking and drinking down as much of the white buttery nectar as they could swallow with their tiny cupid mouths. Faun moved closer to the edge of the bed until she had a bird's eye view of these two girls gulping down this juice from their human drinking fountain. She was transfixed by the beauty of the scene and the soft piggy flesh of the girls dripping with hot fresh cum and could not help but reach out and scoop up a glob of the thick spunk and bring it to her own lips. The four characters seemed to be almost oblivious of Faun's presence until the creamy custard touched her tongue. Then as if by magic, the four fuckers sparkled with recognition and welcomed Faun on to the quilted bedspread. Faun's blouse and skirt seemed to fall from her body as she slid across the satin and was greeted with a series of soft wet cummy kisses from the fat girls. The me in turn pawed at Faun's semi naked pear shaped breasts and pinched her nipples until they jutted menacingly through the thin flimsy fabric of her bra. Faun felt as though her clit must be six inches long and rock hard as it throbbed between her legs. The thong panties she was wearing did little to conceal the growing excitement she felt as the two fat sluts positioned their new guest in readiness to drink from the massive dripping cocks. With her head propped against the huge tits of one of the girls, Faun was presented with the first cock which she lapped at tentatively. After catching the taste of the cream at the end of this magnificent knob she started to suck and as she sucked the flow of cum increased from barely a trickle to the flow one would expect from a soda fountain. The spunk gushing down Faun's tender throat was the most wonderful tasting fluid she had ever tasted : it seemed to empower her beyond her normal quiet and reserved demeanor. Every fiber of her being seemed to be enervated by this deliciously viscous beverage. The fat girl who was not serving as a pillow then offered Faun the second cock before snuggling down between Faun's outstretched thighs and sucking on the outside of the girl's panties. Faun again drank thirstily from the second pair of balls and the huge prick in her mouth while being delicately eaten out from below. Glancing down she could literally see her own clit growing like a small cock between the lips of the fat cunt eater. The more spunk she drank the more it throbbed and apparently the more it continued to grow. Not only was her clit growing but the rest of her slim angelic body was beginning to swell, but she simply could not stop drinking. Her breasts were becoming enormous, her flat belly swelled, her nipples felt like thick workman's thumbs ... suddenly she realised that she looked almost identical to the two fat companions writhing on the bed beside her ... whether she came first and then fainted she could not later recall ... but everything went black and she was unconscious.

Faun felt decidedly superhuman when she awoke ... she felt as though she could climb a mountain or scale the side of a huge skyscraper. With a dim and distant memory of her transformation from sylph to obese slut, quickly she checked herself. With a gasp she noted that she was neither sylphlike nor fat, instead she had the body and physique of an amazon. Her thighs rippled with bronzed muscle, her stomach separated into a perfect six-pack set of abdominals and her breasts perfect orbs capped with thick black nipples. Her long fingernails had been finely manicured and glossed red with mirror polish lacquer and her body hair had seemingly been completely removed. Faun gazed down at her tremendous body and wondered at her new and deliciously smooth cunt mound. Apparently she was in what appeared to be some kind of ancient Egyptian throne room : gilded lifesize statues of well endowed men with similar physiques to hers lined the walls. Their cocks were massive she thought idly fingering her itchy clit ... if only they were real! She longed more than anything to be fucked and although she had never sampled a prick inside her virgin rectum, it was her ass which cried out most to be plundered. A thin watery juice dribbled from between her soft fleshy twat lips as she imagined a hundred cocks in turn ploughing into her asshole cunt and throat ... she could take on thousands if they were available ... perhaps even millions. So caught up was Faun in her erotic reverie that she did not notice the male statues begin to move. At first simply their eyelids and fingers twitched, but then their cocks began to stiffen, enlarge and rise up. Now these were no ordinary pieces of male meat, but pricks nearly twenty inches long and almost eight inches in circumference. They throbbed like demon rods, their thick gnarled veins pulsing more and more as Faun's fantasy grew more real and more explicit. In Faun's imagination she had three cocks plunging down her throat, two deeply embedded in her ass and a further two reaming out the frilly walls of her sopping wet minge. She started to cum, slowly at first and then more strenuously and more violently, like an engine gathering up steam. She flexed her torso and her perfectly toned hips rose from the exquisite and highly polished marble surface she lay on ... her buttocks tensed alarmingly and she growled through three successive orgasms, cunt juice and piss spraying from her vagina in a steady burst. When the orgasmic spasms had subsided enough for her to open her eyes again, she was surrounded by cock: mammoth cocks dribbling their precum into her hair across her stringently muscled chest and abdomen. Delicate strands of silvery cum glue dripped on to her perfect skin and then unaware of how she came to be in amidst so much penile flesh she succumbed. Thick members probed her insides, ramming hard into her unbelievably sensitive cant walls. Her mouth was literally crammed full of throbbing salty meat dribbling down her throat as the spunk started to fly. Great gooey showers of spunk filth rained down across her face in powerful blasts. Her nostrils mouth ears and eyes all filled with the hot semen. Faun's cunt felt as though it was going to overflow like an overfilled barrel as she came again and again. The sphincter muscles of her asshole were loose and relaxed and sperm sloshed from within her in a gooey puddle on to the marble. The room was filled with loud grunts and groans most of them emanating from Faun's stretched lips and just at the point when the poor girl believed that she simply could not take any more spunk down her throat or in her distended holes a massive surge of hot cream seemed to bathe her entire body from above ... almost as if a bucket of cock slime had been unleashed upon her from the ceiling of the great room. Then again equally without warning she was alone ... her skin completely dry and no sign of the cock assailants except for the faint and lasting odor of dried cum. Like a puppet she stood erect, straightened the loin cloth now covering her gaping cunt and strode towards the doors.

Entering the next room, Faun was almost taken aback to finally confront her own flesh and blood. At the center of the room stood Dorothy Sadler, swathed in a long diaphanous robe of virtually transparent chiffon in front of two empty thrones. Her face was lined and obviously older, but her wicked smiling eyes still betrayed the same youthful exuberance captured in the statue in the town square. Her frame was still slender, however the girlish lack of curves had been replaced by a magnificent pair of pear shaped tits with perky rose colored nipples and there were hips too. The most surprising thing was that through the thin chiffon, Faun could clearly make out a thick black thatched triangle of pubic hair. In all the pictures she had seen of her grandmother Dorothy both before and after entering the green house of delights, she had always sported a completely bald and smoothly shaven cunt mound ... how times had changed ... the legend, indeed the mythical tales of Dorothy ... the woman with no pussy hair had been over exaggerated ... here she was hirsute again ... her pubic glory unveiled. Faun knelt down before Dorothy as one would to a Queen about to bestow a knighthood. With a flick of an outstretched finger, Dorothy motioned for her to rise and join her. Faun floated in a kind of trance towards the empty throne and demurely took her place beside her grandmother. Dorothy's robes and Faun's loincloth seemed to merely melt away until the two generations of woman sat side by side naked as the day they were born. Dorothy clicked her fingers in a suitably regal fashion and the large ornately carved golden doors at the opposite end of the room from which Faun had entered swung open. A parade of the most gorgeously seductive and sexually perfect men and women that Faun had ever seen filed in to the room. Their sexual organs seemed to be engorged to the point of bursting : even the female's cuntlips seemed so puffy and swollen they almost resembled the wings of pregnant bats. The entire procession, which must have consisted of at least a hundred people smelt overpoweringly of fresh semen, piss and cuntjuice. The overwhelming aroma was intoxicating to the point that Faun leant forward on her throne to breathe hard as many of the fumes as she could. Dorothy clicked her fingers again and there was an instant orgy before them : thick cocks sliding into tight puckered assholes and dripping wet pussies ... hungry mouths feasting on precum slathered cocks and love juice soaked cunnies. Faun watched through the blur of one continuously powerful orgasm as the guests before them shook violently erupted huge wads of spunk into the air, had their beautiful faces glazed with girl cum and fucked and sucked one another as if they all only had minutes to live. After five minutes of this bacchanalian orgy the throne room floor was a virtual ocean of cock snot slime and clear drizzled juices. The naked tits and swollen pricks were all smeared with the stuff and Faun now realized that it was her role as princess and Dorothy's role as queen to serve their subjects well and lick them clean. This is why they had erected the statue to her grandmother ... this was the stuff of royalty ... drinking down your subject's sex juices ... their cock slime ... their pussy liquor ... their very hot yellow piss. Faun took Dorothy's lead and waded ankle deep through the thick sugary semen piss mixture and started to lick at the sweaty bodies. They both drank like animals and came ferociously like dog bitches ... the cum frothing at their jowls. After they had licked as many clean as they were able the crowd of orgiers departed leaving Faun and Dorothy to wallow in this primordial ooze of sex juice. The two women bathed in the cum stuff until only their eyeballs were left uncovered and then they smiled at one another: long gooey tendrils of sperm dripping from their chins. Faun knew instantly that this was the end of her induction : she was made a cumslut to live forever as a depraved, filthy little whore who could take her rightful place at her grandmother's side.